The Portland Harbor Partnership was created to support a broad community outreach effort during the Portland Harbor Superfund process.

Other Resources

Other Resources

Below is a list of links that provide additional information about the Portland Harbor Superfund process:US EPA
US EPA: Region 10
US EPA: Portland Harbor Superfund
US EPA: Willametter River & Wastewater Treatment
US EPA: Superfund: Community Involvement Policies and Guidance
EPA Terminal 4

Portland Harbor Superfund Site Resources

Portland Harbor Community Advisory Group
Lower Willamette Group
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality: Portland Harbor Superfund
DEQ Fact Sheets
Oregon Health Authority: Env Health Assessment Program: Portland Harbor
Port of Portland Terminal 4 Cleanup

Natural Resource Trustees

USFWS: Portland Harbor Natural Resource Trustee Council website
NOAA: DARRP (Damage Assessment, Remediation & Restoration Program): Portland Harbor
Yakama Nation Superfund page (includes Portland Harbor)

Other resources
Community Engagement: New Approaches and Success Stories (Superfund Research Program), NIEHS
South Portland Riverbanks Projects
Willamette River, The Oregon Encyclopedia
Working Waterfront Coalition
Portland Development Commission Portland Harbor Redevelopment Initiative
City of Portland: Superfund
City of Portland: Portland Wastewater Treatment History
City of Portland: Willamette River History
City of Portland: State of the River Report
City of Portland: Our Working Rivers
City of Portland: Office of Healthy Working Rivers
Willamette Riverkeeper: Superfund
Willamette Riverkeeper: Pollution
Willamette Riverkeeper: Challenges of the Willamette


Oregon State University: New techniques show complexity of Willamette River Superfund cleanup